Saturday, December 26, 2009

summer memories

something about 3 days of snow (and counting) makes me want to look back at our summer pictures and daydream. These are a few from the cabin that Bill's parents have. We love to go there, it offers much peace and solitude-which seems to be great medicine for me. When we turn down the dirt road that leads to their house, I always switch the station to country's the perfect fit.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

my girlies

My friends are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Miss Whitney, is the perfect example of the wife and mom I want to become. Miss Alyssa is the perfect example of the giver and creator I want to be and Miss Alysia is the perfect example of how emotionally soft and compassionate I want to become. I thank God everyday for the precious gift of friendship and hope to become more conformed to His image through these passionate women. thank you my sweets for being exactly who you are.

Christmas 09

My sweet kids are at the age that makes Christmas morning a blast. I'm so giddy just thinking about what the morning will be like when they see their presents from Santa. We've had tons of excitement, parties, friends, and chocolate! leading up to this big day. God is so good. I hope you have an awestruck day thinking about a baby born in a manager who came to save you and me from our sin. plain and simple. You're forgiven because of what happened on Christmas and then Easter. Peace my friends!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Price, Garrett and Macy

I didn't notice until I was looking back through my pictures that Macy looks painfully shy in this photo. Then I figured it out. It's Price's presence that's making her feel slightly nervous. Do crushes really happen this early?! oh my.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Giving

So, I finally found the secret to giving the perfect gift. Scripture. Plain and simple. In giving a few gifts to some friends and neighbors this year, I included a specific scripture for that person either on the tag or somehow incorporated it with the gift. It sounds so simple, but it really makes a great difference. It turns the "how cute" into "how special" . Just thought I'd share.

Can I still keep the title of my blog even though THERE ARE NO MORE DIAPERS IN MY HOUSE!!!!! None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
P.S. I'd like to put some Christmas songs on my playlist however I can't remember my password to change my songs. hhmmm.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nativity Scene

My mom gave me my late grandmother, Vivian's, nativity scene this past year. I have it in the dining room and it's the really pretty kind that has two barns with hay and all the animals and a little light that shines in the stable with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. I love it!! BUT, what I love most of all is secretly watching my son move all the animals out of the barns and all the shepherds, kings and travelers to face the stable. Silly me....trying to "display" the scene so everyone could see how beautiful it was. Only through the eyes of a babe does it make sense to see only the backsides of the participants. that boy. he teaches me more than I ever thought possible.

We 3 Kings...

This past weekend we spent the morning at the City Rescue Mission where my 5 yr. old was one of the 3 kings in a Christmas play. I loved being there, having my kids there to play with others less fortunate than us, but I'm especially fond of a little 3 yr. old named "baby" who gave me the best head massage ever!! no lie.

Bill would be so embarrassed if he knew I was going to write about him but....if you know anything of my husband he is a) a passionate photographer and b) a passionate giver and lover to humanity.
The man would wear dirt if he could. He's the most non materialistic person I know and sees life as a reason to make someone else's better.

He set up a photo booth at the shelter and took family portraits of the families that were there. It was so precious to see these families rejoice in a simple picture.

I needed a little wake up call this month and I got it~
We look forward to going again in the spring to take their pictures. ahhh, it feels so much better to give than receive.