Saturday, August 14, 2010

an end and beginning

This summer has gone by too fast. I knew it would; it goes faster and faster every year. I keep telling the moments to last, but all I have left are pictures that remind me of a few things:

a) summer 2010 was easy with 2 kids
b) how sweet the ages of my kids are
c) they love to play with eachother
d) they can drive me crazy

I'm so excited for baby number three to meet "it's" siblings....our summers will never be the same!

Here's pictures from Garrett's first day of First Grade. He's really enjoying it.....thanks goodness, AND he wants to start riding the bus----SAY WHAT??? Bill had lunch with him on the second day in the cafeteria, Garrett thought it was pretty cool.
Macy will meet her preschool teachers next week and then start the last week of August...I'll be posting those pictures soon.

I guess a cold front will be here before we know it~