Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love going to the beach. The first time I ever saw the beach I was with my husband. And the only times I've seen the ocean after that, have been with my husband. It's sorta corny, but kinna me. Because there is something that takes over in my soul when I hear the big water make it's noise and the birds dash around with their sweet noises. I'm totally in awe. every single time. I can't help but think about the big man who made the waters when I'm surrounded by their beauty. And my husband gets it. He understands my deep longing for my personal destiny.

We went to Florida over Spring Break 2010 and got to enjoy the sand and water. I was sitting on my little chair, watching my little children play and Psalm 139 jumped to my head: "If I were to count the number of sands on earth, His thoughts of ME would out number them!" Oh, how He loves us. I only wish I could grasp it to the fullest. It's my daily struggle. How about you? I'm destined to find it though, He is our destiny!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm thinking it's hilarious that in the middle of spiritual growth for me, huge burdens/people have come along to try and derail me. I have sin(who doesn't?).... a lot of sin in my life that is trying to hinder me from sharing what redemptive love looks like through Him.

It's just so darn funny how my flesh seems to think it should take over when what I really need, is to be quiet and listen for His voice. I'm just trying to say that if I put a timeline on what the lowest points in my motherhood, marriage and friendship journeys have been through, it would coincide directly with some beautiful truths He's been putting in my path. Sad to say, I've probably missed a lot because I haven't been looking in the right direction. However, I'm looking forward to more of his grace and mercy in my life.

peace my peeps,