Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Part Two:

Okay, so you've underlined what you are going to START doing everyday. Here's the second part....

Read Romans 12:17-21

Underline one thing to STOP doing.

Tomorrow I'll tell you what I've started and stopped doing and maybe a lil story to go along with it :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Try this!

Love this!!!

Read Romans 12:9-16.

Pick ONE thing it lists to do and underline it.

Practice doing it every single day.

...life changing....conforming to Him. (tomorrow I'll post part 2 of the excercise)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

catepillars and sunflowers

I took Monarch catepillars to Garrett's classroom the other day and read a story to his class. They did a fun little butterfly craft with candy corns and black cut out catepillars too. I left the catepillars with the class and by the end of the day, Garrett reported, both were in their chrysalis'!

We also decided it was time to cut down our sunflower stalks that were in our front yard (not really sure how they got there). And of course Garrett decided to sell them to passerbyers. He sold one. For one dollar. We made a cute little photo opp out of it, of course-so what the heck.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

an end and beginning

This summer has gone by too fast. I knew it would; it goes faster and faster every year. I keep telling the moments to last, but all I have left are pictures that remind me of a few things:

a) summer 2010 was easy with 2 kids
b) how sweet the ages of my kids are
c) they love to play with eachother
d) they can drive me crazy

I'm so excited for baby number three to meet "it's" siblings....our summers will never be the same!

Here's pictures from Garrett's first day of First Grade. He's really enjoying it.....thanks goodness, AND he wants to start riding the bus----SAY WHAT??? Bill had lunch with him on the second day in the cafeteria, Garrett thought it was pretty cool.
Macy will meet her preschool teachers next week and then start the last week of August...I'll be posting those pictures soon.

I guess a cold front will be here before we know it~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swim Team

A few pics of what summer 2010 looks like for the Crouch household

Friday, May 28, 2010


I packed up my kids, with my best friend and her kids, and went to our lake house, 3 hours away.

Because I don't drive there by myself very often, I kept turning too soon down rural roads that I thought were the correct turns. "This looks right." "I think this is the one." Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. And then I was set straight in my mind about all the times in my life lately that I've thought the exact same thoughts, "This must be right", "Pretty sure this is the road I should take".... only to gently be reminded, "no....just look at the map (MY book) and you'll see the correct turns I've laid out for you. However, I think the hardest lesson was looking in the rearview mirror and looking at the precious faces that were tagging along behind me and watching and learning from my turns, right AND wrong. Thank you for speaking to me sweeet Jesus.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


the song inspired me, so there you have it...

Monday, May 3, 2010

good times

so i haven't posted anything in a while because a) things have been somewhat uneventful and at the same time b) kinna crazy. SO, here's some fun I had yesterday at Owen Stadium with my sweet friend Alyssa whom I've known my whole life. She recently was crowned "Mrs. Oklahoma" and is doing an excellent job using her title to spread awareness about her four year old daughter's disease, Cystic Fibrosis. We had a blast watching all the participants climb stairs (we did some too) and it was really fun just hanging (and going to sonic twice).

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love going to the beach. The first time I ever saw the beach I was with my husband. And the only times I've seen the ocean after that, have been with my husband. It's sorta corny, but kinna special...to me. Because there is something that takes over in my soul when I hear the big water make it's noise and the birds dash around with their sweet noises. I'm totally in awe. every single time. I can't help but think about the big man who made the waters when I'm surrounded by their beauty. And my husband gets it. He understands my deep longing for my personal destiny.

We went to Florida over Spring Break 2010 and got to enjoy the sand and water. I was sitting on my little chair, watching my little children play and Psalm 139 jumped to my head: "If I were to count the number of sands on earth, His thoughts of ME would out number them!" Oh, how He loves us. I only wish I could grasp it to the fullest. It's my daily struggle. How about you? I'm destined to find it though, He is our destiny!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm thinking it's hilarious that in the middle of spiritual growth for me, huge burdens/people have come along to try and derail me. I have sin(who doesn't?).... a lot of sin in my life that is trying to hinder me from sharing what redemptive love looks like through Him.

It's just so darn funny how my flesh seems to think it should take over when what I really need, is to be quiet and listen for His voice. I'm just trying to say that if I put a timeline on what the lowest points in my motherhood, marriage and friendship journeys have been through, it would coincide directly with some beautiful truths He's been putting in my path. Sad to say, I've probably missed a lot because I haven't been looking in the right direction. However, I'm looking forward to more of his grace and mercy in my life.

peace my peeps,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 year olds

Everything is soo intense with 2 year olds, isn't it? They love just about everything passionately.

Miss macy goes from a soft spoken, "look a pretty leaf" to "stop looking at me!". In about 2 seconds flat. I just have to laugh and hope that she learns to direct her passion towards the PRIZE. Towards her true citizenship in heaven and towards healthy habits and healthy love. I pray this for my kids as often as I can.

Have a happy week.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walmart outing

I guess you know it's your lucky day when your two favorite songs come on the radio BACK TO BACK. Revelation Song and How He Loves Us happened to me on a Walmart outing tonight. 1) I was super lucky to be alone so I could sing as loud as I could and 2) I was even luckier to get a front parking spot (it's freezing outside). However, both of these points combined = lots of people watching and staring as they're walking out of the store. Nonetheless, I sat there in my car and jammed like no one was watching. I so didn't care and loved it. The oranges never looked so orange and the apples never sweeter.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Portrait of Praise

Here's another "Portrait of Praise" since I'm on a kick right now. Hope it inspires you somehow, :)

"Will you meet me here?"


When I became pregnant with Macy, I had a prompting from the Holy Spirit, to start a "Self portraits of Praise" series using my camera and myself. What I thought would be a quick adventure through the different seasons of one year, has lasted for almost three years.
I love to interpret how particular verses speak to me through natural settings just as well as some random settings! So, here's one I took over Christmas break. It was pure therapy(much needed at this time in my life!). And I guess that's why I like to do it. Therapy through giving glory to Him. However, one of my MOST favorite parts in demonstrating His love through pictures is naming the pictures. Maybe it's the teacher in me that loves to do bulletin boards, but I LOVE to name them. This one is: " Yes, He wants me. And my baggage."

Yes, He wants me. And my baggage.