Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walmart outing

I guess you know it's your lucky day when your two favorite songs come on the radio BACK TO BACK. Revelation Song and How He Loves Us happened to me on a Walmart outing tonight. 1) I was super lucky to be alone so I could sing as loud as I could and 2) I was even luckier to get a front parking spot (it's freezing outside). However, both of these points combined = lots of people watching and staring as they're walking out of the store. Nonetheless, I sat there in my car and jammed like no one was watching. I so didn't care and loved it. The oranges never looked so orange and the apples never sweeter.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Portrait of Praise

Here's another "Portrait of Praise" since I'm on a kick right now. Hope it inspires you somehow, :)

"Will you meet me here?"


When I became pregnant with Macy, I had a prompting from the Holy Spirit, to start a "Self portraits of Praise" series using my camera and myself. What I thought would be a quick adventure through the different seasons of one year, has lasted for almost three years.
I love to interpret how particular verses speak to me through natural settings just as well as some random settings! So, here's one I took over Christmas break. It was pure therapy(much needed at this time in my life!). And I guess that's why I like to do it. Therapy through giving glory to Him. However, one of my MOST favorite parts in demonstrating His love through pictures is naming the pictures. Maybe it's the teacher in me that loves to do bulletin boards, but I LOVE to name them. This one is: " Yes, He wants me. And my baggage."

Yes, He wants me. And my baggage.