Monday, March 30, 2009


The other day a question was asked of my small group in sunday school. It was.....drum roll please, "How does God speak specifically to you?" (or something like that). I immediately knew EXACTLY how God speaks to me, but the funny thing is, I never really could answer that question with certainty before. So, I answered: analogies! He speaks to me through ANALOGIES! Here's a few He's used lately to get my attention:

Macy wanting more vitamins than she needs for the day. = Me wanting more-NOW! He is the giver and He controls my portion.

Our master shower needed remodeling due to a leak that was noticed first in my closet. = Take away your layers and you can see the real problem.

Garrett not wanting to take naps anymore, in turn, leaves him cranky in the late afternoon. = You can't make sense of anything until you rest (in Me).

Just some thoughts~

I did not make a yucky applesauce, oatmeal coffee cake and act like it was good so my kids would eat it.
I did not pinch my nose while taking a bite myself to convince them it was good.

I did not roll over my vacuum cord today and burn a hole in it.
I did not say a bad word when it quit on me shortly after.

I did not hike up my lounge pants and "lay out" on the tennis courts with a neighbor while our kids played in the sunshine today.
I wasn't embarrassed that I hadn't shaved in a few days(week).

However, I did meditate on the holiness of our Father being a rescuer throughout the day~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

one last time...

Hopefully this is the last of the snow, freezing rain and cold weather until next year---I go by a Aug-Aug calendar due to my previous career as a teacher, btw. HOWEVER~ I did love, love, love it that my sweet hubby kept the logs on the fire, made homemade pizzas, bbq wings and choc chip pancakes all in the past 48 hours. Meanwhile, through all the bustle in the kitchen, we've had so much fun playing inside games like: dominoes, leggin' logs (linkin' logs), airplanes, "get-choo, get-choo" (macy's favorite, thanks gma T), coloring, writing, laundry, and eating. Mmmhmmm eating is somewhat like a game when you have a 1 and 4 yr. old, isn't it? "See if mom can scarf it down fast enough to catch the flying bowl and spilled drink." We play that a lot over here at the Crouch home.

All this to say, I was able to embrace this hibernation period gracefully and full of smiles because maybe, just maybe it'll be the last time until next year?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A friend and I were having a conversation about a situation she encountered that reassured her of her physical self-concept. As the story unfolded I could absolutely see her point of view. After pondering her thoughts, I decided that transparency is such a beautiful way to encourage others. Even through her telling the story, my physical self was encouraged.

I'm so encouraged when I visit a friend and the house isn't perfect. I'm so encouraged when someone tells me they doubt important decisions. I'm so encouraged when I hear a sister in Christ admit she doesn't believe God could use her because of all the bad choices she's made. I'm so encouraged by transparency!

It encourages me because it's a vulnerability that says: "I'm made new" and that inspires me! I long to be made new. Everyday. I believe that along with the encouragement I'm blessed with when people are "real", I also feel freedom to become more and more transparent myself.

So, my peoples, bless someone by being transparent. But remember there's a fine line...don't go airin' all the laundry at once!

Below you will find a picture of what it means to have your husband put marshmallow guns in the car: A pit stop a your neighborhood Wal-Mart to buy marshmallows and have a marshmallow fight right then and there on the sidewalk.
In the picture you will notice how intently Bill is teaching a very valuable lesson to his "firstborn" on the art of pursing your lips to shoot as far and as hard as possible. Love it.

And Macy just enjoyed a snack,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

a big circle...

Lyrics or melody?
Title or post?
Dinner or dessert?
Vacuum or dust?
Coffee or juice?

Random things pop into my head when I wrestle with what I'm suppose to be learning in stages/seasons of life. I guess that's how the 'star maker' (luv you for that one, sara) can get me to apply His works, best. Well, I'm being confronted with the "order" of things in every issue of life right now. You name it-it's being evaluated by me but first prompted by the Holy Spirit. For instance, I'm noticing that humbleness is the most godly characteristic I'm called to (for now). However, when I think of how to become humble, or even trying to humble myself in situations, I have to have so much more in my spirit to become lowly-forgiving, patient, kind, loving, -pretty much all the fruits here ok? So, I'm constantly pondering all these things that must come first before I become last. It's all a big circle, you see? Anyhow, so if you see me laying in my front yard face down, don't worry~I'm just workin' on my humbleness. :)

I hope you've all loved and been loved by your favorite people this weekend.
(random picture of macy in garrett's soccer shoes and shin pads)

Friday, March 20, 2009

A couple pictures of lil' B and her daddy :)

You can tell we've caught the 'spring-time buzz' by the look of my kitchen-it looks like a greenhouse! The kids have planted radishes, chives, basil and sunflowers in containers that are resting in the window sills and Bill and I each have our own 12x8 section seed starters full of flowers and veggie seeds sitting in chairs pushed up to the kitchen window. Oh my! However, it's wonderfully lovely to see new life sprout. I think I may need to start seeds indoors in the winter next year-it's all about good feelins'.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tulsa aquarium

These are some of the pictures from the aquarium. It was so amazing to look at the little fishees faces and know that God's hand made all of our creatures! I'm being reminded through many situations in this particular season of life right now that His order is so perfect.

I love hotels! Now that we have kids, there's a few twists included when we visit hotels.

1. One bed gets pushed against the wall so Macy doesn't fall off during the night. (She refuses to sleep in the pack-n-play, more on this in the next post :)

2. The indoor pool gets used A LOT when we visit.

3. Our next door neighbors (or the whole hall for that matter) don't get naps-or they awake suddenly with someone laughing/screaming/crying

4. Breakfast goers don't get to read the paper quietly once we enter the restaurant

5. Lots of rides on the elevators for mom and dad

6. A photo opp for the kids-fun, fun for them!

6. Lots of fun memories

We went to the Tulsa aquarium this week and had lots of fun making it a "vacation" for the kids. I'll post some cool pics later that Bill took of the fish and sharks.

Friday, March 13, 2009

cracked heels

My husband took this photo while he was on a mission trip in Mexico last year. I fell in love with it. It's framed and hanging in my laundry room, where I see it often. I sometimes drift into thoughts such as, " I wonder what this lady is doing right now?... Washing clothes by hand while I have the awesome luxury of using a machine?" "Wishing her husband could have a day off to play with the kids?" "Wishing she could use a telephone?" Hmm, then I snap ever so abruptly out of my pity party I may be having for the moment/day/week and remember that my cup overflow-eth! Amen sisters~ What reminds you that your cup overflows?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sweet girls

I had the privilege of doing a photo session with these precious sweet faces last week. The mom has two sweet baby girls here on Earth and one in heaven. She wore a necklace for the photo shoot with the sweet face of her baby that is no longer here. It was so touching. She went as far as having someone bring the necklace to her during our session because she accidentally left it at home and just couldn't stand the thought of not including her in their family photo. Awww, so touching. I knew there was something really special about this momma when I met her.

advice from a 4 year old

Warning-this may be TMI for many of you~however it's just cute so I had to record it.

After Garrett's bath tonight he proceeded to use the "potty" while I was lotioning, diapering and jammying Macy. Numero Dos I might add. Anyway~his advice for me was:

Garrett: if you ever need to go potty ("#2) you should use my potty.

Me: Hmmm, why?

Garrett: So, when it gets stuck I can just run right in my room and get you the "Peter Rabbit" book that you read to me that one time when my poop was stuck.

Me: Oh, thanks for thinking of me, Garrett. I remember that day very well.

Garrett: yeah, it kept goin' up and down, up and down

The End
P.S. Reason #1million why I love being a SAHM.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me!

I did not act surprised when I picked Macy up from MDO today and saw that she had kept her bow in her hair all day long.
I did not love the super sweet lingering 5 year old stranger wanting to participate in my tutoring session today at the library.
I did not eat too many oatmeal cc cookies.
I did not rush to get all the necessary housecleaning done so I could enjoy the nice weather (while it lasts) with my kiddos

Happy Monday to you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The pictures I posted today each have a cute little story....

The first picture is of Macy before our family bike ride tonight. She was so excited to go on the bike with daddy. When we first took off from the driveway she was screaming with excitement. Literally screaming because she was so excited. I love these kind of moments as a parent. To see and hear your kids enjoy life. I love it. I wish someone could have taken our picture as we traveled down our neighborhood road. I felt like we were all little ducks in a row. I'm excited to share more moments like this now that the sun is shining later!

The second picture is of Garrett riding his bike. This is the bike he learned to ride on without training wheels when he was only 3 yrs. old. I remember vividly the winter day he decided he was going to ride his bike without training wheels. It was a Sunday morning and I was home with the kids(not at church, Macy had a long night). After a few runs from the driveway into the grass and back onto the driveway, he was going a short distance on his own. Soon, after a while of practicing, daddy came home from church to see his son riding around the driveway on his own. All this to say, this May Garrett will turn 5 and he's outgrown his "starter" bike. He's going to be getting a new bike "one that looks like a motorcycle, momma" and I'll soon be turning another page from firsts-to-next with Garrett.

The last one is a picture of Macy's feet. Precious little baby feet that are still only a size 4. Today she wore some "big girl" tennis shoes to church and they rubbed blisters on her heels so she REFUSED to wear anything on her feet for the rest of the day. I don't blame her. However, it was a glorious day outside which is where we spent the majority of the afternoon, so her cute little toes have dirt smashed in them and her crooked little toenails look like her brother's feet after a hard day of play. I can't wait to look back on these feet in 10 years. Which reminds me, for all you baby feet lovin' mommas- I hang my babies first pair of shoes on the Christmas tree every's so sweet to look at.

Happy daylight to you my friends!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I love LOTS of things in my life. My husband and kids, chocolate, going to sleep at night, new toothpaste, new bottle of coffee creamer, etc.

But, I'm going to make a list of "I love my life because"-
If I haven't mentioned before, this blog is a journal for my kids, so I want them to know what I love(d) when they were 1 and 4. Warning: some thoughts may be be slightly trivial and have no biblical value what-so-eva!
Here goes-

ILMLB I have a dimmer on my bathroom light. I can ease into the light of day by slowly adjusting the timer in 5 min. increments as my eyes adjust
ILMLB I have a husband who likes to cook for our family (on the weekends)
ILMLB I have a great neighbor whom I borrow everything and she always has everything I need. We go to the movies together too.
ILMLB I get to tutor a first grader who is so incredibly cute and witty. She's been a blessing to me for a year now.
ILMLB I get to read my bible and sip coffee in my jammies every morning without reporting to work outside of my home.
ILMLB My husband and I are in sync (most of the time!)
ILMLB I can be creative with my camera
ILMLB I have a big yard that I can rake, sweep, dig, and plant to my heart's desire. There's always a project and I love it.
ILMLB If I call any of my brothers or sister for help they would help no matter what.
ILMLB my kids go to bed at 7:00 P.M. and I get to spend most evenings with my husband.
ILMLB I'm a stay at home momma and a Keeper of my Home
ILMLB I drive a Honda minivan
ILMLB I'm forgiven...every time!
ILMLB I have a great church home
ILMLB people love me too.
ILMLB I have a really big past and a really big story
ILMLB I love mornings
ILMLB I can hear Garrett encouraging, playing, listening, singing, and helping Macy everyday
ILMLB I have a food in the kitchen
ILMLB I see Macy growing into the cutest, sweetest, most precious baby girl I ever dared to dream.
ILMLB God is using me in a special way-His way.
ILMLB I get to spend the days with the precious children God sent to me.
I love my life because it's the choice I make and it's sometimes the only way I can thank HIM enough!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Loving the warm weather!
Here's a replay of our afternoon,

-after school snack,

-airplane video from the library (garrett tried really hard to make Macy watch it with him) using baby voices and all, "Look Macy, it's a F15 fighter jet, the kind 'bubba's' gonna fly when he gets bigger. Look, Watch Macy, you'll really like it."

-change poopy diaper

- a time out

- a phone call from a sweet friend to play at the park

- an unexpected ( but very fun) playdate which included: jumping on the trampoline, having a snack, making a craft and stopping in the middle to go play in the dirt and swing from the rope swing.

-water the flowers

- 4yr. old meltdown

- change kids' clothes and go to church for dinner

I'm choosing to say our lives are "full" not "busy" (as storchy would say) because I never want to be too busy to fully enjoy these sweet moments that will soon pass quickly. Hope your week is blessed by fullness!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me!

Well, here goes my Not Me! Monday~

I didn't love my FREE lunch today at Panera, all alone.
I didn't skip a few exercises in my workout today on purpose.
I didn't let Macy play in the cat's food and water bowls so I could cook dinner without stopping every tenth of a second
I didn't get super excited when I remembered it was the Finale of the Bachelor.
I didn't try to get Bill to watch it with me.
I didn't love ALL over my babies today and ignore my laundry and house cleaning duties.
I didn't drive all the way to Penn Square mall today and walk straight to the MAC counter to get a free make-up consult.
I didn't fall in love with Jesus one more time as He spoke to me through Psalm 139~

Happy week to you!